Flying boat

This is a project i have been working on from time to time, i started it as a way of learning blender, modelling, texturing, animating, etc. Since i was a total noob on 3d I think i learnt a lot in the process and i also think there is a lot more to be learnt. It has been really nice to start this journey.

Mocaran m captura1

- The first model you can see was done using boxcutter plugin then i decided to develop the concept further as a painting using a base render for the ligthing.

Mocaran m captura2

Base colors

Mocaran m captura3


Mocaran m captura4


Mocaran m captura 5

After i finished this i thought it would be nice to learn a better non destructive modelling approach, (since i had real hadaches trying to unrwap the first model i decided to make another one from 0),

Mocaran m captura7

Render from final model

Mocaran m captura 6

I also wanted to make an animation out of it, and started watching tutorials about eevee and smoke.

Mocaran m prueba con otro estilo mas suave taaaaaaaaaaaaa

Small animation test